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Ear Acupuncture in a community clinic

The Community ear clinic at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, CA is an under used gold mine of virtually free health care in the Bay Area. Students actually pay to work there, to learn and practice their chosen profession under the expert guidance of an experienced master practitioner. The result is high quality, amazing healthcare for the community four days a week that anyone can access. 

As a client in the ear clinic, your first visit would include filling out the necessary paper work, describing to your practitioner what you want to be treated for and reading a brief introductory paper about what to expect and what ear acupuncture can actually do for you. Then once your needles are in place, you just relax, drink some free herbal tea, meditate, read or talk quietly with your neighbor. After about 20 - 40 minutes your practitioner will remove your needles and instruct you in post treatment options. 

Ear acupuncture (EA) is an independent micro-system of acupuncture not unlike foot reflexology where points on the ear are reflex points for the whole body. EA became famous in its ability to treat drug addiction, cravings and withdrawal symptoms in a community setting. Other protocols have subsequently been developed to address a wide variety of illness such as insomnia, anxiety, stress related symptoms, pain, smoking cessation, menstrual disorders, as well as general wellness and preventative care.

This ACTCM community clinic is one of the few free clinics open in San Francisco supported by students' tuition and donations of $1 to $5.  Take advantage of it! For more information call 415 282-9603.