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Raymond Lo's Year of the Rooster

Click on this link to read Raymond Lo's interpretation of this years Chinese astrological projections for the year of the yin fire rooster. Link


The Year of the Rooster, 2017, in the Hsia calendar, is symbolized by two elements – with Yin fire sitting on top of metal. According to the cycle of birth and destruction, which governs the inter-relationship between the elements, Fire conquers metal and so they are on the destructive cycle and have fighting relationship. Normally such conflicting elements means disharmony. In particular Yin Fire symbolizes a candle flame which is flickering and unstable, hence it also represents a emotional, sentimental and sensitive person, it is not quick temper like Yang fire, but it can be tense and nervous and its temper will accumulate and once explode, it will be more serious than yang fire. Like the Chinese saying – A Spark of fire can burn down the field. Hence Yin fire is more associate with fire disasters and explosions. As fire and metal are in conflicting relationship, there will be international conflicts and clashes. And Yin fire also symbolizes bullets and guns which can bring more clashes with fire arms. Looking at history, there are quite serious disasters related to Yin fire. Just pick some significant examples – 911 attack on World Trade Towers in 2001 happened on yin fire day and yin fire rooster month, the first atomic bomb was dropped in Hiroshima on 6/8/1945 which is Rooster year and Yin fire day, Osama Bin Laden was killed on a Yin fire day on 2/5/2011…. Also yin fire sits on rooster is apparently weak as the metal below does not support the fire above. However, we cannot discount the strength of such fire as the Rooster is considered as the “birth place” of yin fire, in the Yin element life cycle. So it will not be surprising that there will be serious explosions, fire disaster and war in 2017.