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Book of Change (I Ching) -

The I-Ching is an ancient classic Chinese scholarly text that describes the fundamental order of the universe based on the understanding of yin and yang and the principle of change. It is used as a book of divination and daily guide to living life. Miki Shima, a master acupuncturist and Chinese literature scholar, says this about the book, “as far as the fundamental mechanism of I-Ching divination is concerned, I have never yet found a thoroughly convincing theory, be it mathematical, psychological or philosophical.

The workings of the I-Ching seem beyond the understanding of the rational mind. Suffice it to say that its use as a divinatory tool is based on the concepts of synchronicity and what is called in Chinese Ying. Ying means resonance. Those who use the I-Ching for prognostication and guidance recognize that everything in the phenomenal universe is all of a single piece and that two events that occur simultaneously in time are manifestations of a single Zeitgeist or pattern of manifestation in the universe at that point in time.”

“... By casting the I-Ching, one is presented with a symbolic picture or image of the pattern of change operative at that point in time. Thus at least some inklings of the working world may be discerned”

Consulting the I-Ching oracle provides an opportunity to gain insight into ones current situation or the direction ones life may be headed. As your guide, I help you to formulate your question and interpret the answer. There are certain guidelines to adhere to and the consultation as a whole should be taken quite seriously. To ask a question you know the answer to or to ask insincerely would likely yield poor results. I have gained some incredibly helpful and profound wisdom regarding my queries. It is fun, exciting and educational.

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